Lease Negotiation and Lease Production Examination

At The Law Office of Ryan C. Moe, PLLC, we provide personalized and tailored representation, working with our clients one-on-one. Getting to know them helps us understand their unique situations and achieve their objectives.

Before signing a so-called "standard" oil and lease form, we encourage all clients throughout Texas to protect their rights through legal counsel.

San Antonio Lawyers Providing Detailed Lease Analysis

There is no "standard" oil and gas lease, and all leases must be carefully negotiated and drafted.

Texas landowners come to our firm, often with documents in hand, seeking legal help that involves:

  • Mineral leases
  • Surface leases
  • Seismic agreements
  • Pooling agreements

We conduct a thorough review of the proposed oil and gas lease, and educate our clients on the terms and conditions. Simply stated, we want to ensure the best possible deal for all mineral owners.

After production commences, the lessee should be:

  • Complying with covenants and conditions
  • Producing in paying quantities
  • Conducting continuous and timely operations

Do not sign a lease without legal counsel. At The Law Office of Ryan C. Moe, PLLC, we help you make intelligent and informed decisions that will affect the future of your immediate family, and generations to come.

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