What Are My Mineral Rights?

A piece of property in Texas can be divided into two separate legal interests: a mineral estate and a surface estate. A family may own the surface rights while an oil or gas company owns the mineral rights below the surface. A landowner can sell a property, but reserve the mineral estate. When not addressed in sale documents, the mineral estate passes to a buyer.

Because a parcel can be split into different estates, confusion is common when interpreting past deeds. You may not know what mineral rights you actually have. If you need more information related to an oil, gas or mineral law matter, The Law Office of Ryan C. Moe, PLLC, can help.

Oil and Gas Law Experience

From our San Antonio office, we have provided title determinations for landowners across Texas. As part of this process, our lawyers conduct a thorough document review. If there are any clouds on the title, we can assist in removing them prior to a sale.

When a deed is ambiguous, we have the experience to take a case to a court or jury trial to resolve issues that could be worth significant sums.

If your family has been approached about the lease of mineral rights on your property, find out more about the exact nature of your rights. Do not sign an agreement without first obtaining legal counsel. We can help you make an informed decision.

Answers to Your Questions

Seek answers prior to completing any mineral rights deal to avoid future problems. Schedule a time to speak with one of our attorneys before signing documents. You can reach us online or by calling 210-614-6400.