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MySSM Template v.5.0

Updates in this version

  • Latest Joomla ver.3.8.11 and latest MySSM Plugin.
  • ADA Compliance - Main Menu in Desktop mode now can be navigate with just Tab Key.
  • Active Position - Main Menu's First level items now have Active class.
  • CSS, PHP, and JS Bug fixing...

Template Parameters

Please, check /templates/myssm/index.php file for main template's parameters:

$params = array(
  "website_domain" => 'WEBSITE-DOMAIN.COM',
  "show_dev_on_domain" => true,
  "show_window_size" => true,
  "css_container_width" => 1200,
  "desktop_to_mobile" => 900,
  "mainmenu_full_width" => false,
  "content_full_width" => false,
  "sidebars_width_perc" => 25,
  "google_analytics" => '',
  "google_verification" => '',
  "microsoft_validate" => '',

Global PHP Variables and Functions

  • $current_subdomain - This variable contains current website's subdomain alias defined in backend in MySSM Framework's configuration.
    Example: <?php global $current_subdomain; print_r($current_subdomain); ?>
  • $subs_blogs - This variable contains an array with Wordpress and/or EasyBlog blogs aliases defined in backend in MySSM Framework's configuration for each domain/subdomain.
    Example: <?php global $subs_blogs; print_r($subs_blogs); ?>
  • $client_platform - Contains an array with current client's platform. It's very usefull to use this variable to define if user opening website from mobile device or not. The "platform" can be "android", "ipad", "iphone", "linux" or "win"
    Example: <?php global $client_platform; print_r($client_platform); ?>
  • $request_uri - Contains $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] - full page address without any parameters.
    Example: <?php global $request_uri; print_r($request_uri); ?>
  • $isMobile() - global PHP variable that you can use in articles and modules to determine if site is loading on mobile device or on desktop computer..

JavaScript Functions

Here are some useful JavaScript function that you can use in your Articles and Custom HTML modules:

  • getWW() - returns Browser's Window Width.
    getWH() - returns Browser's Window Height.
    getDW() - returns Document's Width.
    getDH() - returns Document's Height.

    out(something) - shorter equivalent of "document.write(something);".

      <script>out(getWW());</script> //
      <script>out(getWH());</script> //
      <script>out(getDW());</script> //
      <script>out(getDH());</script> //
  • showBr(screen_width) - shows <br /> tag or "Vertical Line (|)" depends on Screen size.
    Example: <script>showBr(600)</script>
  • eqHeight(class_name) - sets Equal Height to divs / elements by CSS Class.
    Example: <script>eqHeight('myClass');</script>
  • class="makeCall" - adding this class to any element with phone number in it will call JavaScript that will make this element clickable on mobile devices (screen width < 800).
    Example: <span class="makeCall">123-456-7890</span>
  • class="resizeVideo" - automatically resizes video container with 16:9 aspect ratio to fit width of parent.

For more information about how JavaScript functions work view file /templates/myssm/tools.php and /templates/myssm/assets.php

San Antonio Guardianship Attorney

San Antonio Guardianship Lawyer Serving Texas

With over 40 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of The Law Office of Ryan C. Moe, PLLC are ready to deliver compassionate care and quality results for families and individuals throughout the San Antonio area. If you are facing a legal problem and searching for answers, we stand ready to help. We can assist clients to plan ahead to ease any financial and legal burdens placed on them or their loved ones. When a conflict is unavoidable, we will prepare a plan of action and provide the representation needed to move forward.

Whether it is a case involving guardianship, probate law, litigation in probate matters or contested wills and trusts, elder law, or estate planning, our dedicated team of lawyers will learn the details of your situation and provide you with the quality legal representation that you deserve. Contact us at 210-861-6000 to learn more about our legal services.

Practice Areas

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40 Years

Get Legal Help WithElder Law and Probate

Guardianship and Probate


If a family member or other loved one cannot make important life decisions, establishing guardianship is a way to ensure they will have the guidance they need in legal and financial matters. A guardianship can be established to help individuals affected by a mental or physical disability, old age, or an illness. Our lawyers can guide you through the guardianship process, whether it is created in advance as part of an estate planning process, established for a special needs adult, or is necessary in an emergency case.

Probate Law

Surviving family members are often faced with numerous challenges after the passing of a loved one, including following the person’s will, handling debts and assets, and resolving any disputes between beneficiaries. Our attorneys are here to help you through the probate process and ensure that your loved one’s will and estate are managed properly. We can also represent you if any dispute arises during the probate process. We can take on the challenges of the probate process to ease your burden in what can be a stressful situation.


If the death of a family member or loved one is followed by disputes regarding their will or trust, you need a strong legal representative who will fight for your interests. When a probate manner cannot be resolved, and litigation is the only path forward, we will defend your rights and work to secure your rightful status. Our experienced team of attorneys can also represent your interests if you suspect a trustee or other individual has breached their fiduciary duties while implementing a will or estate.

Elder Law

Our firm is proud to offer a variety of legal services to assist you as you plan for your golden years or to provide help for individuals who are facing issues with aging loved ones. If you are ready to plan for your future and provide for your family, we can help with drafting a will, developing an estate plan, and proactively planning for health care needs and medical directives. We can also provide representation in cases of elder abuse or establish a guardianship for an individual who can no longer make important decisions about their own care.

Commitment & Accessibility

The focus of our firm is resolving issues that touch families. Our committed attorneys will use their deep knowledge of Texas law to make the best decisions. We will always be just a call or email away throughout your case with the answers and information that you need.


"I was two countries away when my father passed away in his RV. I reached out to Ryan C. Moe and his team took care of my family. Probate can, and often does, take years to fully resolve. Having the team at the law office of Ryan C. Moe made all the difference."

Daniel Goerz

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