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What Are Five Signs of Elder Abuse in Professional Guardianship Cases? 

 Posted on July 31, 2022 in Guardianship

san antonio guardianship lawyerTexas courts go to great lengths to ensure that elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves have safe, trustworthy legal guardians to help them make important decisions. Tragically, those who are placed in these positions of great responsibility and authority sometimes do the opposite of what they should, abusing or neglecting their elders in terrible ways. Abusers can be anyone, from family members to non-profit agencies, and abuse can occur in many forms. If you are worried that someone you know or love is being abused, neglected, or taken advantage of by their legal guardian, get help from a Texas elder abuse attorney right away. 

Signs That Elder Abuse May Be Happening

Signs of elder abuse are often subtle and difficult to point out. Initially, you may only have a gut feeling that something is wrong. However, telltale signs of abuse often eventually appear that indicate something serious is going on. Here are five things to watch out for: 

  • Strange changes in your loved one’s estate plan

  • Changing financial behaviors, including cash withdrawals and large credit card expenditures

  • Bruises, bleeding, or fractured bones that are in hidden places or that do not seem to heal

  • Uncharacteristic fear, confusion, or anxiety

  • Damage to private parts, including bleeding and bruising

While one of these signs alone is no guarantee that elder abuse is taking place, they should raise red flags that signal the need for more attention. 

What Can I Do if I Suspect Elder Abuse? 

If you suspect your loved one is being abused, begin documenting everything suspicious you see, including dates and photos. Then, hire an attorney as soon as possible who has experience handling elder abuse cases and who can help you investigate further. Several remedies are potentially available to victims of elder abuse, including: 

  • Lawsuits that exact compensation for any stolen money or possessions, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and more

  • State investigations of malfeasance, including the appointment of a guardian ad litem on behalf of the elder 

  • Limiting the powers of the guardian or terminating the guardianship 

  • Criminal charges, such as assault or battery charges, theft, and more

Contact a San Antonio Elder Abuse Lawyer 

Confidence placed in someone caring for your elderly loved one can go terribly awry when you suspect or know that person is guilty of abusing the very person they should be caring for. If you need to take action against your loved one’s legal guardian, get help right away from an experienced Bexar County elder abuse attorney with The Law Office of Ryan C. Moe, PLLC. Call us today at 210-861-6000 to schedule your consultation. 




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